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The WorkSAFE Podcast | Workplace Safety Strategies

Dec 13, 2017

We sat down with Chris Engelbrecht, Emergency Management Liaison for MoDOT, and Mark Woodward, Senior Safety Trainer at MEM, to learn about driving in extreme winter weather and how business owners can reduce their employees' risk.

Nov 16, 2017

Derek Leffert of Missouri One Call (better known as Dig Rite) talks trench safety, underground facility safety trainings, the Damage Prevention and Excavation Safety Summit, and - of course - how calling before you dig protects you and the people around you.

Sep 18, 2017

We traveled to the Saint Louis Zoo to talk to Safety Coordinator Domini Montgomery about balancing animal and zookeeper needs in workplace safety. Listen to learn how the Zoo prevents slips, trips and falls in the Sumatran Orangutan habitat, while tackling the unique challenge of finding human safety features that work...