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The WorkSAFE Podcast | Workplace Safety Strategies

May 1, 2024

Work-related injuries present a substantial hurdle to companies across all industries. Not only do they sap time, productivity, and financial resources, but they also damage employee morale. These issues are intensified when injured workers choose to pursue additional legal action. Learn how to prevent and prepare...

Sep 1, 2023

Having zero injuries in the workplace is the right goal for any business. But the reality is that occasionally people get hurt on the job. What happens after a claim is filed? Discover the benefits of getting employees back on the job sooner with Human Resources professionals Debbie Larsen and Pam McCracken of The Arc...

Jun 15, 2023

Audits are an essential part of any work comp policy. This process helps employers pay the right amount of premium - nothing more, nothing less. Discover what an audit does for your business, and how to prepare for one, with Tina Austin, Premium Consultation Specialist at Missouri Employers Mutual.

Dec 15, 2022

The cost of goods and services is increasing, and buyers aren't the only ones affected. Businesses are also battling to maintain their bottom line. Understand how inflation impacts work comp and how claims costs are handled with Andy Ribaudo, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Missouri Employers Mutual, and...

Sep 1, 2022

The cost of doing business - and life in general - is on the rise. And unfortunately, so is the severity and cost of workplace injuries. Learn how employers can rein in these expenses, and improve claim outcomes, with Kelli Lucas, Director of Claims at Missouri Employers Mutual.